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Prospective Woeries

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1.    When a learner applies to be admitted to the school for the first time, the parent/guardian of the said learner must complete the following and submit to the school.

  • SUBJECT CHOICE FORM (only for grade 10 – 12)

2. Grade 8 applications must first be done online ( If you have been successful in completing an online application and received a reference number and SMS, only then can you complete the above-mentioned forms in point 1 (downloaded from the website). it has to be completed and handed in to the front office.

3.  The language of learning and teaching (LOLT) is English Medium only. However, Afrikaans First Additional Language is the only Additional language offered at the school. Learners must provide proof that they completed Afrikaans FAL in Grade 7.

4.  No entry test will be written.

5.  Learners who permanently reside in the area for which the School (List A) is the nearest suitable school, will be given preference;
*IF SPACE PERMITS, following the application of the set criteria, preference will be given to learners with siblings in the school and whose parents work in the direct area of the school (proof has to be supplied).

6. A learner may appeal if his/her application is turned down (Schools Act section 5(9) 1996).

7. Learners must meet the age requirements as determined by the Gauteng Department of Education for each grade.

8. The compulsory school fees, which are determined by the Governing Body, should be paid as stipulated.

NB: Kindly attach the following documentation:

  • Proof of residential address (e.g. original/certified copy of municipal account, formal lease agreement, original bank account statement which reflects the applicant’s physical address.)
  • Certified copy of learner’s original unabridged birth certificate;
  • Latest school report (Original/certified copy).
  • Certified copies of both parents’/guardians’ identity documents;
  • Transfer document from previous school (only when approved);
  • Proof of employment on an original letter head if you are WORKING in the area.
  • Immigrants must also provide the following certified documentation:
    Study permit; parents’ ID documents; parents’ working permits; immunization card
    If documentation is not available the parent must provide proof that he or she has applied for the necessary documentation.
  • In case of foster care, a copy of the court order;
  • In case of divorce, a copy of the court order indicating guardianship.


Please note that the application will only be processed if ALL of the above documents have been submitted.

The submission of any false documentation in the process of enrolment will lead to immediate nullification of your application and waiting list number. A new application form must then be completed and a new waiting list number will be issued thereafter.

It has to be completed and emailed with the supportive documents as requested below to must be ‘It has to be completed and handed in at the front office.’

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Woerie Winners

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Screenshot 2023-11-02 105433
Screenshot 2023-11-02 105511
Screenshot 2023-11-02 105540
Screenshot 2023-11-02 105558
Screenshot 2023-11-02 105619
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Woerie Pride.

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Chess: Matthew Pasaribu Gr 12E won first place in the District Individuals


Adam Stam received Gauteng Colours and represented Gauteng at the SA National Schools’ Swimming Championship in Durban from 21 – 23 April 2023.

Mr D Hanafey, head of our Rugby, was chosen as the 1st team assistant coach and coach of the backline players at the Northerns Rugby Club. Mr D Hanafey is also secretary of section 3 at the Blou Bulle Rugby Hoërskole Association. Mr D Hanafey was appointed Representative of Presidents league at the Blue Bulls Coaches Association

 Relando Klein is officially in the Blue Bulls u15 A team as fullback.

D Hanafey

Thati Mampuru Gr 8/F took part in the tricoloure soncini games in Reggio Emilia,Italy

Chess (1)

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Rietondale Matric Council 2024

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MC Name 2024 copy
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Top 10 End 2020

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Grade 8 

Ramapela, Tendani Mabel
Lengolo, Hope Tlhokomelo
Katoka, Christian Delali

Grade 9

Croucamp, Summer Storm
Harvett, Shannon
Magwedere, Vimbali Lyna

Grade 10

Taylor, Ashlynn
Stam, Jameelah
Aly, Tarek Amir

Grade 11

Taylor, Kurt Raymond
Ishwardhar, Brady Cole
Longueira, Michelle
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Woerie Community

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Pierneef-Graffiti Wall-1 1
Pierneef-Graffiti Wall-22
Pierneef-Graffiti Wall-3
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Facilities to Rent

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NB: Prices on quotes sent without a reference number and booking date may change without prior warning.


Rental of the Lapa:

  • Refundable Key and Breakage Deposit of R2 000.00 payable immediately.


  • Rental of R3 000.00 payable no later than two weeks before the event.


Rental of Bottom part of the lapa only applicable for function of less than 50 People:

  • Refundable Key and Breakage Deposit of R1500.00 payable immediately.


  • Rental of R2 000.00 payable no later than two weeks before the event.


Contact person (for Lapa rental ONLY): Marli

Contact number or Whatsapp: 064 682 9612.