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 Extended Activities

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Coporate Social Responsibility

1. International youth link

This group of learners interact via Skype with high school students from Charlotte North Carolina, USA on a regular basis. During these sessions it allow students to voice their opinions on world matters such as politics, environmental and social issues. On an informal basis students get to learn about each other’s cultures and social affairs. 

Coporate Social Responsibility

Organiser: Ms C van der Merwe –

Blood donation

Your blood saves lives! This is the statement that many brave Woeries live by four times a year when the South African National Blood Service has a blood drive at our school. The learners are very enthusiastic to participate in such a good cause and freely volunteer to donate blood each term to make a difference in the lives of others. We truly believe that we are making a difference and will continue to strive to make every Woerie a part of this wonderful community initiative.

Media Centre

The media centre has a collection of fiction and nonfiction materials for students to use.

A maximum of 2 books can be borrowed for a period of one week and must be returned by the due date stamped on the date sheet. 

The media centre also offers free internet access for students to do research for their projects. NO access to social media on the internet is allowed.

Pierneef Theatre

Jopie Koen  

(012) 329-0709  072 460 5568

La Vie Restaurant

Highlights during the past few years:

  • Obtaining the highest average in Gauteng North for Grade 12 for the past 7 years.
  • Achieving a second, third and fifth place in the Gauteng Cake Decorating competition as well as the prize for the school with the best participation.
  • Achieving two first and six second places at the National School Chefs’ Competition, a first and second place for best waiter and always having had a team in the finals of the competition.
  • Two learners in the top 10 of the National Hospitality Studies Olympiad.
  • We are one of only six schools in the country that is piloting Hospitality Studies as a grade 8 subject.
  • Learners undertake regular educational trips to Thailand, Cape Town, Durban, Sun City, etc.
  • HOD writer of National text books as well as National moderator and examiner.


The restaurant can also be booked for groups. Coffee or tea is included in the price of meals. Soft drinks, mocktails or fruit juice can be ordered at the cash bar.


Ms M Loots –

Music Academy

We are one of four Magnet Schools founded in 2003 in Pretoria by the Department of Basic Education.

Music is taught to learners from schools in the Moot and surrounding areas, and learners from any age are welcome to come and join us for a variety of programs.

We offer affordable extracurricular lessons in the following instruments and subjects:



Voice training (Popular music and classical)







Music theory

Music for toddler 


Music as Subject: Learners can take music as eighth subject from grade 10. It is very important to enroll in a music program with us from grade 8 at the latest, in order to be on the correct practical and theoretical level to take the subject.

Internal exams take place every six months to monitor our learners’ progress.

Learners have the opportunity to enroll for Unisa and Trinity exams (both practical and theoretical), and to take part in various eisteddfods and music festivals. We also host two concerts every year to showcase our pupils’ talents.

Our dedicated staff is:

Ms Irma Day (piano, voice and music theory)

Ms Henda Parker (flute, recorder, voice, music for toddlers and music theory)

Ms Lidia du Preez (violin, piano and music theory)

Ms Cecilia van Vuuren (piano and music theory)

Mr Deon Theron (piano, voice, clarinet and saxophone)

Mr Peter Angelopulo (guitar)
Ms Lyni du Toit


Please come and meet us at the Music Academy opposite the Pierneef theatre.


We provide the following:

  • DASA Ballet (Tiny Tots to advanced)
  • AIDT Modern dance (Pre-grade to intermediate)
  • Fully equipped studio in the PT Hall.


Lizel Kuger
084 370 3641


Dance-4-Joy logo

Power Shack (Cross Fit)

Power Shack Gym specialises in functional fitness training which enhances physical strength, endurance and overall fitness. Power Shack uses a combination of olympic weightlifting and gymnastics which create well rounded athletes.  The training regime followed can add a significant benefit to any training programme already followed for rugby, hockey, netball etc. Training takes place at school in the school gym with experienced, qualified instructors creating a safe and fun environment.  All ages are welcome and scaled to the individual’s age and experience.


Cardio Athletic Kick Box

Winter special2024

Art Classes

We develop and enhance every person’s own unique style.

Classes start off with pencil drawing.  After mastering that we experiment with different media.  We learn about textures, colour, balance, positives and negatives, placement and perspective to name but a few.  From there, you choose your preferred medium that you would like to focus on, for example oil paint or watercolour.

We owe it to ourselves to make time for ourselves.  This chaotic, rushed life leaves us easily stressed and burnt out.  Make the art class, your time to relax.

There are many benefits to practising art, emotional and social, such as:

  • Stimulating of the senses
  • Creative energy
  • Therapeutic and relaxing
  • Improves discipline and focus in a fun way
  • Build self esteem
  • Deal with inner emotions
  • Promotes bridging of challenges
  • Tool to express yourself
  • Safe escape zone
  • Promote social skills
  • Food for the soul


Kids Art Classes

They learn about all the basic art principals but more in a fun way. 


We assist High School Learners with their portfolios and extra art classes should they need any.

  • The classes are no bigger than 10 people at a time.
  • Everyone gets individual attention. 
  • Expert advice.
  • Year-end exhibition. 
  • Affordable.


For more info please visit my facebook page: Vasti van Wyk Industrial Artist

Portuguese classes
All grades (Primary School and High School)


Claudia Feliciano
073 737 9404